That Time I Got Rained Out of Dodger Stadium

That Time I Got Rained Out of Dodger Stadium

I’ve been going to baseball games at Dodger Stadium since I was a little girl — but getting rained out of a game was a first!

Peter and I went to the game against the Rockies in order to snag one of the limited edition Sandy Koufax pins that were being given away for Peter’s dad. He is the biggest Dodger fan and collector I know, and is always happy to pay for tickets so we can get some good collectibles.Obviously, we weren’t upset about getting to go in his stead.

Peter and Emily at Dodger Stadium

First off, our seats were amazing.

Dodger Stadium 5/14

We were so close to the action and had to be really mindful of third base fouls.

Dodger Stadium 5/14
It had been raining most of the day and we had hoped that it would clear up so we could enjoy the game. It rained a little in the third, but by the time we got our second beers, used the restroom, and bought $1 ponchos,  it had stopped.

Peter at Dodger Stadium

We definitely weren’t going to let $12 beers go to taste — rain or shine.

Unfortunately though, by the sixth, the sky just opened up and it started to pour.

Rain at Dodger Stadium

It was time to go! Peter and I literally had to run through the stadium parking lot, leaping over rivers of water in the pouring rain. I laughed the entire time, even though I was soaking wet by the time we got to the car. I haven’t had that much fun in a long, long time.

And California needed the rain so bad, it was hard to be upset (and the Dodgers ended up losing, anyway)!



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