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1138 Clothing on Etsy

Growing up, it was always hard to find cute, geeky clothing that were made for girls. I’m sure most of us remember many a trip to Hot Topic before a movie release or convention and having to get boxing shirts from the boys section. -sigh-

Luckily, in the last few years, the geeky fashion industry has seen a lady revolution with many brands popping up to offer all of us geeky girls some much needed choices. The amazing HerUniverse is a great example of a clothing company that is for women, by women, and WeLoveFine, Black Milk, Living Dead Clothing, and so many more are focusing on providing us with fashionable and fandom-inspired wares.

1138 Clothing

There are also tons of local and under-the-radar brands on Etsy — 1138 Clothing is one such shop.

1138 Clothing Star Wars Comic Dress

I first became aware of 1138 Clothing after seeing a few cosplayers I follow on Instagram featured as models. The brand’s owner and founder, Linda Heredia, is an LA local and started creating her own fashions in the summer of 2013. Linda’s designs are inspired by her love of vintage clothing, and include circle skirts, dresses, corsetshair bows, and more in all those amazing novelty prints you ogle at the fabric store.

Doctor Who Suspender Skirt Captain Kirk Corset My Little Pony Hair Bow

I think my personal favorite is her adorable cat ear cloak — if you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love cats!

Cat Ear Cloak

You can head over to Etsy to check out all of the 1138 designs and if you’re going to the C4 Central Coast Comic Con this weekend, come see me walk in the Geek Fashion Show wearing an amazing Star Wars-inspired dress from the Linda’s new Star Wars line! 

Images: Star Wars Comic Corset/1138 Clothing ; Exploding TARDIS Suspender Skirt/1138 Clothing ; Captain Kirk Corset/1138 Clothing ; My Little Pony Bunny Ear Head Wrap/1138 Clothing ; Black Velvet Kitty Cloak/1138 Clothing



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