Make Cast Iron S’Mores Dip for National S’Mores Day

Cast Iron S'Mores Dip

Happy National S’Mores Day!

My parents took me and my sister camping a lot as kids, and s’mores were, by far, the best thing about nighttime camp fires. Of course, as an adult person, living in a city, with a day job — I don’t go camping much anymore and which means I don’t get to enjoy s’mores much anymore, either. Which is a real shame because s’mores so so damn tasty!

But since today is a holiday dedicated to the delicious marshmellow/chocolate/graham cracker treat, I thought I’d share an easy s’mores recipe even my fellow city-dwellers can enjoy. You may have seen it before (probably because it’s really simple to make and a little less messy than the classic s’more) — Cast Iron S’Mores Dip.

Cast Iron S'Mores Dip

I had these little cast iron pans from a single-serve cookie kit that I thought would be perfect for this recipe. You can use a bigger pan, but, I warn you, this dip is really rich so be prepared to be full quickly!

Cast Iron S'Mores Dip Hershey's Chocolate bars

You can make this dip with any chocolate you have on hand, but I really wanted that authentic, campfire s’mores taste that Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars provides. Hershey’s is the classic s’mores component I think most of us grew up with, after all!

Cast Iron S'Mores Dip Cast Iron S'Mores Dip

I have a “learn from me!” tip for you regarding the marshmallow layer — make sure you space out the marshmallows because they do melt and expand quite a bit. And since my pans were so small, I ended up putting just a few too many and had some spillage.

Cast Iron S'Mores Dip Cast Iron S'Mores Dip Cast Iron S'Mores Dip

These bad boys will bake up in no time so make sure you keep an eye on them so your marshmallows don’t get burned — unless you like them burned!

Cast Iron S'Mores Dip Cast Iron S'Mores Dip Cast Iron S'Mores Dip

So. Much. Yum! 

Cast Iron S'Mores Dip

Cast Iron S'Mores Dip RecipeDisclaimer: The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham cracker products featured in this post were provided complimentary. All opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. 



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