Love Free Stuff? Influenster Should Be Your New Best Friend

Love Free Stuff? Influenster Should Be Your New Best Friend

I mean, if you don’t like free stuff, I have to question whether or not you’re human. Everyone loves free stuff!

I, as a humble blogger, LOVE free stuff. Free food from relatives, free hand me downs from my mom and sister, and free neck rubs from my lovely boyfriend. Free=good. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate something I bought with my hard earned money, but getting things for free every once in a while is a treat. Which is why, if you’re like me, you’ll be happy I told you about Influenster.


Influenster is a website that rewards you for being social — on social media that is. The more Followers, Likes, Subscribers, and Friends you have, the more Influenster influence you have. You can also review and answer questions about products to gain badges and even more influence. But what does all this influence get you? Free stuff, of course!

Every so often, Influenster will send out special VoxBox‘s filled with awesome products relating to the boxes theme. For instance, I just got my first box this week — the IDoVoxBox, filled with products to help anyone get through wedding planning or the “big day.”

I also got another VoxBox from winning a VirtualVox campaign during the Women’s World Cup. I’ll be doing a full review of my IDoVoxBox and show off what I got in my VirtualVox when I get back from vacation. But you can get a few sneak peeks by following me on Instagram!

Happy Influensting! 



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