Join Emily for Geek Girl Brunch in LA!

Join Emily for Geek Girl Brunch in LA!

If you’re like me, you adore brunch. What is better than sleeping in, enjoying delicious breakfast food, and sipping booze before noon?

Brunch is a pretty big deal here in LA among the millennial crowd, and I’m fine in admitting that I love the trend. And in March, I joined a fantastic brunch group in LA called Geek Girl Brunch.Here’s a little background:

Geek Girl Brunch was started as a meet up group in New York City and has recently expanded to include chapters in cities across the US, Canada, Germany, and even the Caribbean. It’s founders, JamilaYissel, and Rachel, wanted to “create a safe environment where identifying geek girls can be themselves to give voice, network, create friendships, inspire each other and hang out!” As I’m sure most of us have experienced, identifying as a female geek or a nerd isn’t always easy and the community at large doesn’t always welcome us with open arms (GamerGate is a prime example). Which is why I love the idea of a group of like-minded ladies coming together to share in their obsessions — and delicious brunch, of course!

If this sounds like you’re kind of party — join us! For those in the LA area, you can sign up to join us at our first brunch following our launch this month. If you’re not in LA, you can check the list of chapters to see if there’s already a group in your area. And if there isn’t one, you can try and start one by contacting the GGB headquarters.

I hope to see some of you lovely geek ladies for brunch soon!



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