Happy Father’s Day! 5 Things I’m Glad My Dad Let Me Get Away With

Young Emily and her Dad
I’m the first to admit that I’m a “daddy’s girl.”

I love my dad (I love both of my parents, obviously), and we’ve always had a special bond. He has taught me a lot about hard work, unconditional love, and non-traditional gender roles, among other things. And in honor of Father’s Day, I recently wrote a piece for Bustle about the things my dad let me get away with — and that I’m ever grateful for.Here’s a snippet:

1. Eating cake for breakfast

Yup, my dad let me eat cake for breakfast. Every year, either my sister or I would bake a cake for each other’s summer birthdays or for Father’s Day. But since I was really the only one who enjoyed eating cake, it was up to me to finish it. (I know, you feel so bad for me.) So during the summer, I would have cake for breakfast almost every day until the entire pan was clean. My dad knew where the cake was going (into my teenage face), and just let it happen.


I’m not sure if it was intentional, but my dad never made any comments to me about what I ate. He tried to feed me healthy, nutritious meals, but if there was something I enjoyed eating, he wasn’t going to stop me.

You can read more over at Bustle and I hope you all have a great Father’s Day! 



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