Cosplay DIY — Red Sonja’s Metallic Shoulder Spaulder

Cosplay DIY — Red Sonja's Metallic Shoulder Spaulder

I’ve been a cosplayer for the last three years, and I’ve had a blast. I love creating the costumes, stepping into the characters, and seeing everyone’s smiling faces at conventions!

My most popular cosplay, Red Sonja from the Red Sonja comic book series, is my baby. It was the first cosplay I created from scratch — including the entire metal bikini, weapons, and armor — and I continue to build on it with each convention. This cosplay also yielded lots of firsts for me, including working with craft foam for the first time to build the armor.If you’re interested in how I made the metal-inspired shoulder spaulder, you can see the full tutorial over on Wrong Button Blog. But here’s what you need to start:

I followed this tutorial and this tutorial loosely in order to make this piece.


photo 1What You’ll Need: 

Poster board
2 Sheets of Craft Full-Sized Foam
(Optional) 1-2 Small Sheet of Other Color Craft Foam
Cheese Paper
Elmer’s Glue
Flexible Fabric Glue
Metallic Fabric or Flexible Acrylic Paint
Dark Colored Acrylic Paint
3d Paint
Hot Glue
Paint Brushes

You can see the rest of the tutorial on Wrong Button Blog and see more of my cosplay photos on my Facebook page



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