Central Coast Comic Con Wrap-Up & My First Geek Fashion Show


My convention season has officially begun after my trip to C4 Central Coast Comic Con!

This was my first trip to C4 (which is in its third year) and it was a fun warm-up for some of the bigger conventions I have coming up. And when I say warm up, I do mean that it was actually quite warm there — which is not surprising considering it’s August in SoCal. But, of course, being hot and sweaty isn’t super fun, and I cut my fun times pretty short. Though fun times were definitely had! 

You can read more about our con experience and see all our cosplay photos over on Wrong Button, too. C4 was held at the Ventura County Fairground in Ventura, California and occupied a handful of buildings.

Emily at C4

The con had a good number of vendors and artists and even had laser tag in one building! They also had some castles that Red Sonja couldn’t storm — obviously, I was bummed about the lack of bouncy conquering.


Sonja did get to hang out in space though, which was quite confusing for her.


Since it was so warm, we didn’t take as many pictures of my cosplay as we usually did, but we did get a couple of gems.

IMG_4715 IMG_4691 print6

All three of these are now available in my print store for purchase, too! I was also trying to make a point of smiling as Sonja more and talking more with people at the convention. It’s funny how many kids are interested in the cosplay and especially Fred the Head. He would have scared the hell of out me as a kid!

IMG_4717 IMG_4689

Aside from cosplay, I was also at C4 to walk in the Geek Fashion Show. I’ve done some super informal modeling for friends in the past, but I’ve never done any sort of runway modeling. But I saw that one of my geeky fashion obsessions, 1138 Clothing, needed models and I volunteered. I was sooooo nervous before the show (not to mention very hot), but everyone was so welcoming and nice. The show drew a very good crowd!


Even Lady Deadpool came to support the models and designers!


Oh, look there’s me! In the purple wig!


The show included six clothing lines — Iron Fist Clothing, Newbreed Girl, Melancholic Designs‬, Orions Origins, Tejnin Designs‬ & 1138 Clothing. Prepare to be obsessed with all of them. Click through the slideshow to see some of the fashions.

  • Iron Fist Clothing
  • Iron Fist Clothing
  • Iron Fist Clothing
  • Newbreed Girl‬
  • Newbreed Girl‬
  • Melancholic Designs‬
  • Melancholic Designs‬
  • Orions Originals‬ — custom made heels, boots, and more!
  • Tejnin Designs‬
  • Tejnin Designs‬
  • Tejnin Designs‬
  • Tejnin Designs‬
  • 1138 Clothing
  • 1138 Clothing
  • 1138 Clothing
  • 1138 Clothing — there's me on the far right and the fabulous designer, Linda, on the far left!

I was so in love with the Rebel Pilot outfit I got to wear (I’d actually been eying it on Linda’s store beforehand). It was super comfortable and very figure flattering. Plus, I totally grew up wanting to me a pilot because of Star Wars!

IMG_5492 IMG_5649 IMG_5650

Huge thanks to Linda Heredia, the mastermind behind 1138, for letting me model her amazing creation! It was such a pleasure to meet all the other models, as well!

IMG_5661IMG_5634 IMG_5640

And thanks to Douggary Grant and the Geek Fashion Show crew for putting on the show and gifting me with this amazing bag from Newbreed Girl. And Linda also gave all her models an adorable Star Wars-themed gift bag — check out that hair bow!

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One last thank you — shout out to anyone who snapped a picture of me and Fred or who stopped me to ask about the cosplay! I do this for you guys!

My next convention is Long Beach Comic Con September 12-13 (that’s next week — ah!), where I’ll be cosplaying Red Sonja on Saturday and I’ll be on the Nerd Living panel on Sunday! Can’t wait! 



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