14 Geeky Greeting Cards to Send During National Card & Letter Writing Month


April is National Card and Letter Writing Month!

I know that card and letter writing is a dying art — kids don’t even learn cursive in school anymore! — but don’t you feel so special when you get a handwritten note in the mail? I know I do! This is probably why the U.S. Postal Service celebrates card and letter writing during the month of April, including putting out some adorable and colorful Forever stamps.But if you plan on celebrating this fun monthly observance, you’ll need some fun cards to send to your friends and family. And since we all know that I’m a geek, the cards I’d choose are obviously geeky ones! Check out a few of my favorites and order some before the end of April.

     Free Face Hugs!

     Facehugger Greeting Card, $5, etsy.com

     Crazy Cat Lady Catwoman Greeting Card, $3.22, etsy.com
     Well said, Baby Groot! 

     Dancing Baby Groot Greeting Card, $4.50, etsy.com
     Hodor Hodor Hodor.

     Game of Thrones Greeting Card, $7, etsy.com
     ...For once. 

     Not Sent From My iPhone Card, $4.28, etsy.com
     I say this to all my friends! 

     We Nerd Well Together Greeting Card, $5, etsy.com
     A most challenging game.

     Petris Greeting Card, $3.92, etsy.com
     Who wouldn't love to get Pikachu's smiling face in the mail?!

     Pikachu Funny Greeting Card, $3.76, etsy.com
     Are Pokes still a thing? If not, nostalgia!

     Poke. Note Card, $4, etsy.com
     Who said that the Star Trek and Star Wars fandoms were mutually exclusive?

     Star Trek Card, $5, etsy.com
     Even a T-Rex can get fancy from time to time. 

     T-Rex Dinosaur Notecards- Set of 4, $12, etsy.com
     Weird only means interesting. 

      You're Kinda Weird I Like It Greeting Card, $2.88, etsy.com
     The most gasp-worthy of element combinations.

     WTF Periodic Table of the Elements Greeting Card, $4, etsy.com

Happy National Card & Letter Writing Month, everyone! 



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